12 Jul 2012

Stomach Gas and Indigestion Symptoms? Keep a Food Journal

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Stomach Gas and Indigestion Symptoms? Keep a food journal

You might read the headline and think: What? I have indigestion symptoms and stomach gas, and instead of giving me a simple solution they want me to write a food journal in order to help prevent the problem……… Yes, you read that right — and yes, that’s exactly what you should do!

Keeping a food journal of your indigestion symptoms, is as easy as keeping a daily calendar of tasks or a diary of your daily life. It is piece of paper, notepad or booklet you write in on a regular basis. You keep track of everything you have eaten, or may have a relation to your stomach gas and indigestion symptoms — and we do mean everything.

Here’s what you should include in your food journal:

  1. Make detailed sections for each meal – Include breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks or additional drinks you might have during the day.
  2. Record what you eat and drink (Not just what you want to remember) – This is not the time to have selective memory about that pack of M&Ms you had on your way home from work! Write it all down, no exceptions.
  3. Write down the portion sizes – If you had one can of soda, write it down. If you had three, write it down. Three sodas versus one soda is a big difference, and it could be one of the culprits in your gas and bloating saga.
  4. Write it all down immediately – Don’t wait until you get home to write down what you ate for lunch, because you are likely to forget at least some part of the meal by then.
  5. Don’t forget the condiments and sauces – Remember that the ingredients in some sauces can lead to serious problems, such as heartburn or an upset stomach. What seems like an innocent salad dressing might be anything but!
  6. Keep up with the food journal – It might be tempting to quit for a few days, especially when you have a break from gas and bloating. But it pays to keep the journal for at least one month. By doing this, you can begin to see patterns in when you have problems, as well as what foods might trigger it.

Now that you have started a food journal, what do you do with it? Whenever you feel symptoms of stomach gas or indigestion, go back to the journal and look at what you ate the previous meal, or even a few days before – your indigestion symptoms might come on faster or slower. Is there any correlation? Make a note of it. The next time you notice symptoms, do the same thing. Over time certain foods might begin to show up over and over. This means you’ve found at least one of the culprits!

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