04 Aug 2012

Why is My Stomach Growling?

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Why is My Stomach Growling?

When you’re hungry — really hungry! — your stomach can start to growl. It might be a small little whimper of a growl at first, but the longer you go without food, the louder those growls seem to become. Some people experience pains of hunger as well, that make them start dreaming of their favorite meal at their favorite restaurant…. or sometimes you end up picking up the closest food like item you can find, leading to other digestive issues. Everybody is familiar with this kind of stomach growling, and those around you might not be surprised at all – giving you some good natured teasing!

Sometimes your stomach growls for what seems like no reason at all. Other times, you may have just eaten, however it seems like you haven’t eaten in days. Lastly, food may be the last thing on your mind but suddenly your stomach starts to sing. So what is the reason for this stomach growling?

In many cases, your gurgling stomach is rumbling because your brain is telling it to do so. After about two-four hours or when your stomach empties, your brain tells your body to start the muscles of the digestive system to contract. This leads to small rumblings that can get louder as time goes on. This is a very natural occurrence, however if truly bothersome some people find relief by eating smaller snacks between you meals. Other times its a combination of the food, gas, and liquid (Chyme) making its way down the small intestine during what is called peristalsis.

Although a growling or gurgling stomach can sometimes indicate irritable bowel syndrome, or slight blockage in the intestinal track, it is normally nothing to worry about. In our eBook, The Ultimate Cure for Bloating and other stomach conditions, we provide some great advice on how to deal with the majority of common digestive system conditions including bloating and gas.

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