15 Jul 2012

When Your Tummy Ache Is Something More Serious

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When Your Tummy Ache Is Something More Serious

How can you tell when a tummy ache is serious?

It can be a tough call…… Indigestion and heartburn have been mistaken for a heart attack! There has been several examples where people have went to the hospital emergency room with the symptoms of a serious heart attack, find a sigh of relief when being told the chest pains were really caused by a really bad tummy ache. It sounds so unbelievable it must be an urban myth, right? Incredibly, it’s true!

The big fear of appendicitis or other serious infections also can be of concern. Often the first sign of such things is the unrelenting pain in your abdomen that may merit a trip to the hospital to find you under the blade…. However, a tummy ache may also seem serious enough to make a trip to the hospital too. But often, appendicitis is ruled out and the doctor decides you just had a meal that didn’t agree with you.

What If Your Bloated Tummy Really Is Bad?

Even though a bloated tummy may be nothing to worry about, sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious. A tummy ache that lasts for a few hours is usually nothing serious. An bloated tummy that responds well to treatment, whether it be as simple as hot tea or a step up to over the counter medications, can mean it’s just gas bubbles causing the discomfort.

But there are certain signs that tell you this bloated tummy is different….

This short checklist can help you decide whether to just ride it out or head to the emergency room:

  1. It’s the worst pain ever – When you’re hurting, it can seem like it will never end. But when it’s the worst pain you have ever felt, you definitely know that something is wrong. If you have never felt a pain that bad before, get to the emergency room.
  2. It won’t go away with time or medication – You can try several home remedies or over the counter medications to help treat a tummy ache. But when you try everything and nothing helps, and even sleeping doesn’t seem to make a dent in the problem, then it’s time to get medical attention.
  3. It just keeps getting worse – Maybe it goes away from time to time — but when it comes back, it is worse than ever. If your tummy ache starts out mild but then comes back with a vengeance, it might be that your body is responding to medications and home remedies for a while, but the underlying cause still persists. If that’s the case, then this chronic tummy ache needs professional help.
  4. There are other symptoms – If you just have a bloated tummy, it might be a less serious issue. But if you have other symptoms, such as a high fever, nausea and vomiting, weakness and fatigue, blood in the stool, excessive flatulence and bloating, diarrhea or constipation, or other symptoms that indicate it’s more than just a bad meal, it’s probably time to call the doctor.

These four points may save you from a life threatening illness…… and possibly save your life!

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