30 Jul 2012

When Abdominal Gas Lands You In The Hospital

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When Abdominal Gas Lands You In The Hospital

You probably already know that abdominal gas can hurt. But did you know it can cause significant pain? The kind of pain that might even make you think you need to go to the hospital?

A good friend of mine once dealt with this very problem. He awoke in the middle of the night with what felt like a serious ripping pain in his stomach. He had never felt something so terrible, and he was sure that something serious was wrong with him. He tried to wait it out, but he got more nervous by the minute, and the pain didn’t ease. Finally he headed to the emergency room, where the doctors immediately called for x-rays, put him on an EKG machine and ran all sorts of other tests to figure out what was going on with him!

The verdict? He had gas. Serious, rough abdominal gas that came from something he ate. He was in agony for a very long night, both from the pain of the gas and the embarrassment of dealing with the nurses and doctors. He was certain that they were laughing at him as soon as they left his room!

Anyone who says that abdominal pain is “just a little gas” hasn’t actually experienced the rough days and nights that can leave you feeling¬†unbearable.¬†Normally the average person with use over the counter medications to help settle down the symptoms. However, the bloating or pain could feel so horrible that it feels like more is wrong, and ends up making you take a trip to your local hospital. Although serious medical conditions can sometimes present themselves through abdominal pain and bloating, more commonly you are dealing with one of the many symptoms of gas and bloating.

Our eBook gives you plenty of information on ways to prevent you having these type of symptoms in the first¬†place, furthermore it also lays out how to self diagnose the problem and what you can do about it. Let us help you figure out what’s wrong before you wind up in the emergency room!

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