07 Aug 2012

What is a Stomach Ulcer?

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What is a Stomach Ulcer? 

Do you have a deep pain in your stomach that doesn’t seem to go away? Is it constantly in the background, making you aware of every bite of food you take? Have you lost your appetite and experienced recent drop in weight? When your stress levels are higher do you notice an increase in symptoms? Maybe you have noticed your bowel movements have an unusual foul odour, or you are feeling nauseated from time to time, and possibly vomit continuously, or wake up in pain at night? Unfortunately, you may be dealing with a stomach ulcer….

Only a doctor can truly diagnose an ulcer, but you will often know something is wrong by the way you feel. The symptoms often become more pronounced over time, especially the abdominal pain and bloating. You might start to vomit blood or see blood in your stool — this is an indication that an ulcer is getting worse. So what is a stomach ulcer? A stomach ulcer is an inflammation or erosion in the wall of your stomach or intestine resulting from a breakdown in your protective mucosa lining. This condition develops over time, often in response to infections, bacteria (H Pylori), stress, certain pain relievers, smoking or tumour. Ulcers can also become worse from use of over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, NSAIDS, and aspirin or from prescription steroids.  Though some experts believe that stress does not create or worsen ulcers, there are others that believe it does. No matter what the cause is, this condition can cause some very bothersome symptoms.

There are several ways to treat ulcers, and much of it depends upon the type of ulcer it is and what caused it. For example, an ulcer that is caused by bacteria can be treated with a particular course of medications prescribed by your doctor. Ulcers that react strongly to stress can be reduced or even eliminated with lifestyle changes.

If you are dealing with several of the above symptoms see your family doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis of your condition. However if your looking to help prevent ulcers or other digestive conditions our eBook, The Ultimate Cure for Bloating and other stomach conditions guides you through how to increase your health by taking control of your dietary and lifestyle choices. Pick up a copy today!

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