10 Aug 2012

What Causes Constipation?

This question comes up all to often in this day in age, as people find themselves gassy, bloated and irritable. Today, people are pushing themselves beyond there means, have an extremely stressful lifestyle, and tend to forget to take care of themselves by eating whole nutrient dense foods. The most convenient option to pick up breakfast, lunch or dinner is what we have come to accept as the norm. Most of the time this food is highly processed, contains sodium, chemicals, sweeteners, and stabilizers. As a result, not only are people becoming undernourished, they are also setting themselves up to become constipated.

When we consider three major causes of constipation it is easy to understand why this is the case:

  1. Lack of hydration – In order to prevent the colon for become dehydrated, it is important to properly hydrate by drinking enough water throughout the day. The amount will vary depending on the physical activity, diet and other factors. However the consensus is normally 6-8 large glasses a day.
  2. Lack of fibre – Fibre provides bulk to you stools, therefore helping it move through the colon. However the type of fibre is important, as there are both soluble and insoluble which can impact the amount of hydration in the colon.
  3. Lack of lubrication – This one tends not to come to mind for most, however is vital to achieve optimal bowel function

Constipation Remedies

Although there are many over the counter laxative medications and supplements available at your local grocery store or pharmacy, focusing on what causes constipation is the most important way to help prevent it. Laxative based products irritate the bowel, can become habit forming and don’t work to fix the route cause.
Here are a few easy to incorporate constipation remedies:
  1. Magnesium – This mineral helps pull water in the colon and therefore helping to increase hydration.
  2. Chia Seeds – Chia seeds have both soluble fibre and essential fats (omega 3)
  3. Cholagogues Herbs – These herbs can help stimulate bile flow which may provide more hydration to your bowels, and are great for detoxification.
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