29 Jul 2012

Try These Supplements For Gas

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Try These Supplements For Gas

These days all you see are ads for supplements that cure this, and cure that. However, what supplements actually help make a difference?

There are a few supplements that may come in handy when dealing with symptoms of gas or bloating. Remember though we always recommend you make sure to use your food first and then add additional supplements to support your overall goal. Supplements themselves are tools, and you use these tools when your body becomes out of balance or when you are dealing with deficiencies you need to fix faster then with food alone. Just like pharmaceutical drugs, supplements can be dangerous when taken in excess, and lead to other problems of imbalance, so always be cautious.

One of our favourite supplements for relieving gas is a digestive enzyme. You body uses enzymes to carry the metabolic functions in your body, including the breaking down of your food into smaller usable substances. In the case of digestive enzymes, although your body produces enzymes to help with this process and raw food can contain them, several schools of thought have recommended taking these supplements to help break down food when your health is not up to par, or when you eat a lot of cooked foods.

Another nutritional supplement that also may help prevent gas is a probiotic. I am sure you have seen the ads for yogurt companies suggesting you need to eat their yogurt to increase the good bacteria in your stomach to help boost your immune system, or get through your day…… Well, although we are not a fan of many of the brands of yogurt options to get these needed probiotics, we do recommend you intake these needed bacteria as your digestion system needs them to function.

Taking these supplements for a minimum of a month should be a good gauge to see how you might benefit, but depending on your bodies condition and your health you may benefit from much longer. We wish you the best of health in the future.

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