10 Jul 2012

Is Your Digestion Problem Serious?

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Is Your Digestion Problem Serious?

Digestive problems are one of those things that everyone deals with from time to time — but that doesn’t make it any easier, and it certainly doesn’t make it any less frightening. Sometimes we joke about bloating…. Women talk about how they have “skinny jeans” and “fat jeans” — of course, the “fat jeans” are those that fit no matter how bloated they get. Men talk about their “big suits” and “normal suits” — the “big suits” being the ones an inch bigger than the others, for those days when they have to go into the office feeling bloated from something they ate the night before.

With all this joking around about looking and feeling bloated, it’s obvious that bloating is commonplace and one of the many digestive problems plaguing the society. But what if your issues with bloating have turned into something more than “fat jeans” and “big suits”? What if those issues have you sitting in agony at your desk, even after you have taken over the counter medications to help alleviate the symptoms? What if your bloating means you aren’t comfortable wearing that bikini to the beach? What if you are constantly worried about what you eat and avoiding food altogether prior to a date or an important meeting?

That kind of digestive problem goes from the occasional, everybody-has-it to the more serious kind that you might need to discuss with a doctor. Here are a few things to think about when you start to wonder if your digestive problem is a more serious one than you first thought:

  1. Do you have gas and bloating every day, or most days of the week?
  2. Do you suffer from abdominal cramps and pains that go beyond the occasional discomfort?
  3. Do you take over the counter medications most days to combat the discomfort?
  4. Do you have excessive flatulence?
  5. Do you feel as though you have to go to the bathroom all the time?

If you said yes to these questions, it is time to look into what might be a more serious digestive problem. Our ebook, The Ultimate Cure For Bloating, can help. We describe the different symptoms you might be experiencing, the wide variety of problems you could be facing, and how to handle each of them. Furthermore, you will be able to make the decision on whether it is time to see your family doctor about your digestive issues. If you want to get rid of the problem today, it starts with figuring out what the problem is — and we can help!

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