15 Jul 2012

Understanding Your Stomach Pain

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Understanding Your Stomach Pain

You probably know the feeling — almost everyone does. You wake up in the middle of the night with a pain in your side. It’s in your abdomen, down low, and you immediately wonder what it might be. Is this stomach pain serious? At first you aren’t too worried, but as the pain persists, and you start to think about things you shouldn’t. Every horror story about appendicitis goes through your head. All the tales you have heard about the pain of kidney stones comes back to haunt you. Even though you aren’t running a fever and you don’t otherwise feel sick, you start to wonder if you are the one exception to all the rules.

Are those Stomach Pains Something More Than Gas or Bloating?

You start to wonder about your gall bladder, about your liver and about your stomach. Your grandmother had an ulcer. Do you have one too? Have you been drinking too much and now your liver is throwing fits? Is this related to the fact that your back was hurting the day before? Should you go to the doctor? Should you skip the doc and hit the emergency department instead?

These stomach pains can spark paranoia that makes you think everything about your body is going wrong!

If you’re scared about the stomach pains in your belly, remember these points:

  1. Lower left stomach pain or lower right stomach pain could be appendicitis or just something you ate that didn’t agree with you. The more serious causes of stomach pains include kidney infection, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, Crohn’s disease and appendicitis.
  2. Many stomach pain can be written off to something you ate.
  3. Do you have an injury in another part of your body? Sometimes referred pain can show up in other areas. A good example is the very common shoulder pain that accompanies an abdominal surgery — the gas trapped in your body can create this pain in a very strange place.
  4. Do you have fever? A high temperature is often one of the first signs of an infection in your body. Things like appendicitis and kidney infections almost always present with a fever; so if you don’t have one, this is good!
  5. All-over body issues, such as the flu, can make you feel absolutely horrible in every day. This includes serious stomach pain that might be intermittent or constant. If you have a serious illness, you can rest assured that your stomach pain is most likely stemming from that.
  6. Stomach pain may go away if you wait it out.
  7. Sometimes stomach pain is caused by excess gas. In fact, this gas pain can be very intense — sometimes it can even be mistaken for a heart attack! Over the counter remedies can help you determine whether it’s gas or something more serious.

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