29 Jul 2012

How To Stop Farting

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How To Stop Farting

When it comes to farting, most of us want it to end as quickly as possible. Farting is a normal aspect of life and you should be release this gas approximately 10-14 times per day based on the estimates. Farting isn’t so bad when you don’t have to go out for the evening, or head into the office for work, however the majority of the time it seems to hit at exactly the wrong time.

So the question the begs to be asked is, how to stop farting?

The first step in helping you stop farting is by first trying to understand the actual cause….

Use these tips to help stop farts before the happen:

  • Be careful not to mix a high amount of sugary carbohydrates with a fatty meal or snack.
  • Try not to eat sugary carbohydrates with a protein rich meal
  • Eat fruits on there own, or approximately half and hour before other foods, or two hours after foods
  • Try limiting dairy from your diet
  • Try limiting wheat from your diet

As you can see from the above tips they are preventative measures that work best before the farts have started to occur in the first place. This is obviously the best way to go about it, however you can’t always win the battle before its starts….

There are several generally recognized as safe natural remedies that can also help you stop farting that may come in handy which include ginger, or funnel root. People tend to make these into a tea or some people juice them and add some carrots for flavouring. We have seen results when fasting on only juices for a day or two to help clear up your symptoms and then slowly add back foods, however keep in mind you may be dealing with an allergy to a food you are eating.

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