15 Jul 2012

How to Ease Your Upset Tummy

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How to Ease Your Upset Tummy

Have you ever had one of those nights when you lay in bed and cradled your upset tummy, hoping the cramps went away as soon as possible so you could get some sleep?

How many times have you been out with a group of friends of family and felt that tell-tale pressure and discomfort that required you to say, “Excuse me, I must use the bathroom” -As you jump out of your seat….

How about those days when you contemplate staying at home rather than going to work, simply because you need to be close to a bathroom, just in case?

Having an upset tummy can feel like a crisis. Here are a few tips to help you get over that discomfort and get back to your normal life:

  • Turn to hot teas – The warm liquid will calm your belly and make you feel better, while the ingredients in the teas — like chamomile or peppermint or ginger — have long been known to ease upset.
  • Drink a carbonated beverage – If you are feeling nauseated, a tonic water or soda may ease your tummy troubles. Be careful about using this trick, though! If you have bloating along with nausea, the soda might just make it all much worse.
  • Stay away from aspirin or ibuprofen – These might seem like they would work wonders, but they an actually irritate the lining of the stomach, and long term make your upset tummy even worse, not to mention irritate the stomach lining.
  • Take antacids – Although this does not help to fix the underlying cause of your problem it can sometimes provide a quick relief to be used in cases were you need relief now… These bubble-busters can help relieve bloating in your belly, and they can also help with heartburn.
  • Consider the underlying cause – Sometimes an upset tummy is a result of something more serious, like the flu or other serious virus. An upset tummy might also be caused by riding in a car, on a plane or on a train (motion sickness can make you feel terrible!). It can also be caused by fumes, such as those you might find at a gas station. If you know what the underlying cause is, you can remove yourself from it.
  • Look at medications you are taking- Many medications can cause stomach upset in the first few days or weeks of taking them. If you have recently started a new medication, hang tight, that might be the culprit, and that means the discomfort may be temporarily

There are many other ways to treat an upset tummy, and many of those begin with being able to diagnose what’s wrong. For a list of ways to ease your upset tummy that can be self-diagnosed and easily treated pick up our eBook today. We look to not only diagnose your condition, but further dive into what causes the problem in the first place and lastly how you might be able to fix it. If you’re ready to get to the bottom of the upset tummy mystery, let us help!

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