17 Nov 2012

How Is H.Pylori Related To My Stomach Ulcer?

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How Is H.Pylori Related To My Stomach Ulcer?

Helicobacter Pylori is a bacterium that seems to be connected to 90% of peptic ulcers (stomach ulcers).  It is unclear if the bacterium is at the root cause of the ulcer or if it has an affinity to a certain stomach environment that produces ulcers.  In either case the high prevalence of the bacterium is an indicator of an issue.

The H. Pylori bacterium is a corkscrew-shaped organism with peritrichous flagella, that weakens the protective mucus lining of the stomach by burrowing deep into the mucous and latching onto the epithelial cells.  The acidic environment is usually enough to fight off most bacteria but in this case, the H. Pylori bacterium, produces a special enzyme urease that generates ammonia from urea and neutralizes the gastric juices surrounding it, allowing it to survive.  The ammonia and other toxins it excretes not only helps the bacterium survive but it also burdens the surrounding healthy cells causing destruction.  The damage created causes further acid production through an inflammatory pathway.  This eventually allows for the strong acidic juices to come into contact with the delicate epithelial lining below causing irritation and eventually an ulcer.

If you have a peptic ulcer it is a good idea to get tested for the H. Pylori Bacterium.  There are many tests, including an non-invasive breath taste (carbon-urea).  It is recommended so you can treat the ulcer appropriately and efficiently!


There are numerous foods that will help prevent the H.Pylori bacterium from influencing your stomach terrain. The higher the quality (organic, local) the higher the medicinal properties!

  • Garlic- Start cooking with garlic more often! Add it to stir fry’s, pasta sauces, soups, roasts, dips and much more!
  • Turmeric- Not only is turmeric antibacterial but it’s also anti-inflammatory!  Get it in a quality organic powder and start adding it to your cooking! One of my favorites is adding it to popcorn, it turns the popcorn a bright yellow that makes it look like it’s straight from the theaters! Trick your kids into eating healthy popcorn!
  • Onion- How easy is it to add onion to every savory dish! Start doing it!
  • Raw Honey- It tastes delicious and it’s antibacterial!  This should be your primary sweetener in your house hold.  Obviously don’t abuse it, concentrated sugars should always be consumed in small amounts and the bees already work hard enough!  Raw honey can even be used as an antibacterial agent for open wounds, including acne!

For recipes and more information regarding prevention and healing your digestive ailments, buy our book, The Ultimate Cure for Bloating and other stomach related issues.  The natural way is the safer way!

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