11 Nov 2012

How Digestion Effects Energy Levels

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How Digestion Effects Energy Levels

A healthy digestive system is key in maintaining good energy levels.  It is the digestive systems job to convert food into fuel for our cells and we have over 50 trillion cells to feed!  The plants acquire the energy from the sunlight and store it as carbohydrates; we then eat the plants (or the animals that have eaten the plants) and with the help of enzymes, release the energy stored for our own utilization.  If our digestive system isn’t functioning well then this process of releasing energy will be hindered and in turn our energy levels will drop.

The digestive system has many different components that contribute to the overall outcome of energy production.  It starts off in the kitchen, although you could say it starts by growing your own food in your back yard.  How much better does a vegetable or spice taste fresh out of the ground and knowing how much work went into creating it!  All your senses are in tune with your digestive system, especially your sight and smell.  Preparing your foods is apart of digestion and we have adapted accordingly with the advent of cooking. Once we are in the kitchen we can take full advantage of all the ways to make it easier on our digestive system.  Cooking, cutting and chopping food makes it easier on our teeth, it allows the enzymes to have greater access to the food and it visually tells your body what to get ready for.  The infusion of foods, sends a message through to all your senses, telling your body to start secreting the appropriate enzymes and digestive juices! The key here is being involved in the process so you can get a head start on digestion.

The Digestive system also includes:

Teeth: chewing your food is so important! When food enters the mouth it is mixed with saliva.  The saliva contains digestive enzymes (amylase) to help break down carbohydrates.  The combination of chewing with saliva produces a bolus that can be easily swallowed and worked on further by the stomach.  Try chewing your food much longer than normal and notice how much more flavor (particularly sweetness) you will get out of each bite.

Microorganisms:  There are a plethora of microorganisms that help with the digestion and absorption of nutrients for us.  They typically live in the large intestine where they metabolize or ferment unused food substrates.  This allows us to get more nutrients out of our food, as well as many beneficial functions for our health.  Some of these benefits include synthesizing vitamins (B’s and K), protection against pathogenic organisms, advanced immune responses and the production of hormones to direct the storage of fats.

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