23 Sep 2012

Genetically Modified Food and the Gut Connection

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Genetically Modified Food and the Gut Connection

Scientists are just starting to come out with the studies showing GMF (Genetically Modified Food) or GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) can have a drastic effect on the health of our society. This includes everyone that consumes these foods, including our children, parents, friends and ourselves. Worse is that these studies are also showing that animals being feed these foods are also having severe health issues, including infertility, cancer, birth defects and death. Why put yourself at the potential risk?

As the video Genetic Roulette, points out GMO foods have been placed in our food supply since the early 90’s, and therefore have created a large study on the population that most are unaware of participating in. Unfortunately it looks like the government has turned a blind eye to the warning signs from several scientists, not only within there own organizations but also from many experts and scientists in the field of genetic engineering. Even more of  a concern is the anecdotal evidence supplied from the farmers and workers from where these crops are being used, noticing changes in the animals behaviours and health, and workers breaking out in skin rashes and other skin related conditions.

GMO Gut Connection

As the above few paragraphs show the  dangers are relevant and real. More concern is being raised about the level of digestive conditions that are being diagnosed and how they are more prevalent in society today then ever before and the rates of these levels are on the rise. It is all to common to find people have allergies or sensitivities to foods due to a breakdown in the gut lining or what is commonly known as gut permeability, allowing larger food particles to pass through the gut finding their way into the blood stream and causing a list of allergic reactions and possibly autoimmune conditions. The thought that do to the inability to recognize these new genes or genetically modified organisms being consumed could have such and influence on the way our digestive system works and in turn the overall health of our bodies and strength of our immune system is more than concerning.

Click this link to the video Genetic Roulette and watch what many experts have to say about the dangers of Genetically Modified Foods and what to do.

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