02 Feb 2013

Five Ways to Reduce Heartburn Naturally

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Five Ways to Reduce Heartburn Naturally

Heartburn is a common problem in North America.  It is caused by the regurgitation of gastric juices up into the esophagus leading to a burning or warming feeling in the chest, an acidic taste in your mouth or chest pains.  This could be due to a bacterial infection, food allergies, or a structural/functional disorder of the esophageal sphincter.

There are many over the counter medications (antacids) that can help with heartburn temporarily but in the long run these drugs actually hinder the performance of the gastrointestinal system.  Here are five ways to reduce heartburn naturally:

1. Licorice Root Tea-  This tea helps lower stomach acid levels giving temporary relief from indigestion.  It also contains a high mucilage content that helps to heal irritated tissues such as the burned esophagus lining.

2. Raw Organic Carrot Juice-  Carrots are cleansing for the digestive tract and clear excess acidity because they are alkalizing.  They are rich in beta-carotenes, which work to protect the mucous membranes as well as having have anti-inflammatory properties.  Drink a cup of carrot juice a day to also prevent indigestion.

3. Raw apple cider vinegar –  This remedy sounds confusing.  Although it seems acidic, it actually has alkaline-forming properties and has many benefits for you.  Many people find relief from heartburn with this natural food source.  For your first time take a small cap-sized amount and if you don’t notice any further aggravation use this as quick relief for heartburn.  Take one ounce when you notice an episode coming on.

4. Aloe Vera (inner fillet)-  This plant is very soothing to the tissues, it is also alkalizing and helps counteract the excess acidity in the stomach.  The combination of Aloes healing effects is a perfect fit for someone dealing with heartburn.  Drink 1/4 cup of the gel or juice to help reduce heartburn.

5.  Chamomile Tea- This herb is used to treat mild heartburn.  It’s a great digestive aid and is also relaxing to the nervous system.  The nervous system is involved in heartburn because the more anxious or stressed you are the more gastric juices you secret.

If you are experiencing heartburn more frequently it is suggested to keep a food journal.  This entails writing down all the foods you eat before feeling the heartburn.  Once you have established common foods that could be antagonizing your digestive system, then you can avoid these foods until you’ve been able to heal the root problem.

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