10 Jul 2012

Do You Suffer From Constipation?

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Do You Suffer From Constipation?

Constipation tends to affect everyone at sometime in their lives. Actually, sometimes people are unaware they are constipated and think its normal to have an under functioning bowel. Use these quick reminders below to help you pick on the symptoms instead of living with them!

Symptoms Of Constipation 

  1. Straining when on the loo – This means having to push to release
  2. Constant gas – This can be accompanied with bloating or pressure
  3. Less then 1 bowel movement daily – Sometime this could be less then 2
  4. Stools are pebble like or malformed 
Although there could be many reasons for these symptoms to occur the list below details a few that may stand out.

Causes Of Constipation

  1. Overeating– This can contribute to undigested food particles causing unfavourable reactions in your intestines, leading to indigestion
  2. Allergies- Like in overeating, allergies to food may cause bloating, gas, indigestion and many other unwanted symptoms
  3. Water intake – Staying hydrated by drinking enough H2O not only helps your body function optimally but also lowers chance of constipation
  4. Exercise – If you want your bowels to function optimally it is important to exercise as it helps the large intestines peristalsis, as well as burn those extra calories
When symptoms of constipation are left untreated, your large intestine becomes overloaded. Any food that has not been properly digested can ferment and feed the critters that have made your intestines their home. These factors may lead to irritation in the colon lining, which ends up creating inflammation in the bowel, that can develop into allergic symptoms and other ailments.
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