28 Jun 2012

Do You Have These Symptoms of Bloating?

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Do You Have These Symptoms of Bloating?

You already know that gas and bloating can make you feel terrible. Your clothes feel too tight, your stomach feels bigger than usual, your body is cramping and complaining, and your letting the most embarrassing smells get the best of you.

However the question arises of what constitutes normal symptoms of bloating? On the other hand what symptoms of bloating could mean something a bit more serious is going on?

Below are some guidelines to help decide if you are dealing with normal symptoms of bloating or something you may want to see your doctor about.

The Normal Symptoms of Bloating of The Stomach 

Bloating of the stomach normally feels like it is distended and tight, and normally accompanied by a great deal of air in your body. This can range from slightly annoying to downright uncomfortable.

Here are a few other symptoms you might notice:

  1. Sometimes the pressure can cause you to feel short of breath.
  2. You might feel cramping or pain if the bloating lasts for a long while. The cramps can move quickly from one place to another, and can sometimes be mistaken for chest pains.
  3. You might burp more often. This is your body’s way of getting rid of excess gas.
  4. You might hiccup. This is another way that your body copes with excess air in your stomach.
  5. You might pass a lot of gas

These normal symptoms of bloating are usually relieved quickly by home remedies or over the counter medications. However, there are times when bloating might seem to be more severe, happens much more frequently or simply never goes away.

When You Need to See a Doctor Due to Severe Bloating

When symptoms of bloating move beyond the occasional symptom to chronic symptoms or severe bloating, it may be time to get help.

Look for these less common symptoms:

  1. Stomach pain that is unrelenting and doesn’t respond to over the counter medication should always be checked out by a doctor.
  2. Bloating that becomes so severe that it interferes with your appetite, ability to eat or drink, or your daily life.
  3. A complete lack of bowel sounds, including flatulence or “growling” from your stomach, could indicate something more serious.
  4. Bloating and gas that appears every time you eat, takes a long time to go away and leaves you with a constant feeling of fullness could mean you have a problem digesting certain foods. This could also point to a gastrointestinal disorder, which can only be diagnosed by your doctor.

You might also experience acid reflux, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea. If these symptoms persist for longer than a day or so, it could be time to call your doctor.

Not sure what’s going on with your body? Do you have symptoms that we haven’t covered here? Be sure to check out our eBook, where we give a comprehensive run-down of potential symptoms in the very first chapter.

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