02 Jul 2012

Do You Feel Full All the Time?

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Do You Feel Full All the Time?

One of the many digestive mysteries about the human body is that feeling of fullness that makes no sense. Sure, you’re accustomed to feeling full and possibly sluggish after eating a hearty meal, but what explains that feeling of fullness when you haven’t eaten in several hours? If you feel full all the time and it is starting to bother you, there could be many reasons for that uncomfortable feeling.

Why Do I Feel Full All the Time?

There can be many reasons you may feel full all the time. The most common reason is excess gas. When you eat foods that don’t agree with your tummy, or when you eat too much of something, you might develop more gas than usual. As this gas builds up, bloating can occur. Bloating makes you feel as though you have a very full stomach when in fact, you might not have any food in your stomach at all.

The most common reason for bloating is eating a food that doesn’t suit your stomach. For those who have an intolerance for dairy, it might be a glass of milk. For those who can’t tolerate peppers, it might be a slice of that spicy pizza from the break room at work. For others, it can be almost anything that contains raffinose, such as leafy green veggies, some fruits and beans.

Bloating can also be caused by air trapped in the stomach. Think of a baby that has just enjoyed a bottle. The next step is to “burp” the baby — to help it expel the trapped air in it’s body. Without this “burping,” the child would be absolutely miserable, and would cry loudly to prove it! That trapped air can make you feel very full at first, but over time it can start to hurt. Adults can often take in too much air by eating or drinking quickly, by downing carbonated beverages or even by sipping their drinks through a straw.

Occasionally, feeling full all the time can be caused by a more serious condition that has little to do with your gastrointestinal tract. If you are suffering from feeling full all the time with no clear reason as to why, and it doesn’t go away with home remedies or over the counter medications, it’s time to visit your doctor and have a few tests to help determine what might be wrong.

Home Remedies To Relieve Feeling Full All The Time

If you are feeling full all the time, you can try a few home remedies. A cup of hot tea can soothe your tummy, and vigorous exercise can help move things along. If you need to burp or belch, go right ahead! It will help get rid of any air trapped in your stomach. If you know the feeling of fullness is caused by a certain food, you can take steps to avoid it. And if you aren’t sure, consider antacids and gas relieving medications that can release those air bubbles and make you feel more like yourself again.

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