10 Jul 2012

Check Out These Easy Bloating Treatments!

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Check Out These Easy Bloating Treatments!

Symptoms of bloating can make you feel uncomfortable at best, or like a beached whale at worst. The excess gas and air in your abdomen can be bad enough to make you unbutton your jeans after every meal, or cause you to run to the bathroom when out on a date. You may even have to pass on that delicious dessert – even though you ate one of the smallest meals in recent memory!

You might think gas and bloating is inevitable, however, it is not. In fact, bloating may be avoided completely by using one of the many easy bloating treatments that commonly may be overlooked:

  • Don’t drink carbonated beverages – Those fizzy sodas taste wonderful, but they can leave you with a serious bloat that affects your desire to enjoy a meal. The carbon dioxide that creates the bubbles can get trapped in your intestines and cause bloating or pain.
  • Don’t drink from a can – When you drink from a can, you are swallowing a great deal of air with every gulp. That air gets trapped in your stomach and has to come out somehow. Have you ever noticed that you burp after you drink out of a can? Excess air is why!
  • Avoid drinking from straws – Just as you can get too much air from drinking out of a can, straws introduce air into your body with every sip. Ditch the straw and drink straight from the glass to save yourself some discomfort.
  • Avoid sugar-free drinks, gums and candies – The ingredients that sweeten the sugar-free treats have been proven to cause stomach upset in some people, including nausea, diarrhea, gas and bloating. Look at the label before you enjoy.
  • Get fibre, but not too much – Fibre is essential for good digestion, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Try lowering your intake (build up your tolerance), and make sure to drink lots of fluids in between meals, as fibre can absorb water.
  • Avoid fats – Fried or fatty foods taste wonderful, but the aftermath might not be worth those delicious bites. These fats are hard to digest and are probably rancid causing a loss in your bodies valuable resources required for other bodily functions. Opt for foods that are baked or grilled instead.
  • Eat smaller meals – Over eating can lead to that feeling of a big belly and limited movement. By eating smaller meals your body more easily digests your food, and therefore helps to avoid excessive gas.

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