How Digestion Effects Energy Levels

How Digestion Effects Energy Levels A healthy digestive system is key in maintaining good energy levels.  It is the digestive systems job to convert food into fuel for our cells and we have over 50 trillion cells to feed!  The plants acquire the energy from the sunlight and store it as carbohydrates; we then eat.. read more →

Why Do You Have a Stomach Ache?

Why Do You Have a Stomach Ache? If you’re used to visiting our site, you probably already know that a stomach ache is not something you should have to deal with on a day to day basis. As there is normally an underlying cause that you may have overlooked or possibly even been aware of,.. read more →

Why is My Stomach Growling?

Why is My Stomach Growling? When you’re hungry — really hungry! — your stomach can start to growl. It might be a small little whimper of a growl at first, but the longer you go without food, the louder those growls seem to become. Some people experience pains of hunger as well, that make them.. read more →

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Colon cancer is a terrifying disease. In 2008, statistics show over 142,000 people were diagnosed with it, and over 52,000 died from it. This is not a very pretty statistic! Unfortunately, many of the early signs of colon cancer go unnoticed because they occur seldom or maybe attributed to something else. To make matters worse,.. read more →

When Abdominal Gas Lands You In The Hospital

When Abdominal Gas Lands You In The Hospital You probably already know that abdominal gas can hurt. But did you know it can cause significant pain? The kind of pain that might even make you think you need to go to the hospital? A good friend of mine once dealt with this very problem. He.. read more →

Are You Dealing With These Common Digestive Problems?

Are You Dealing With These Digestive Problems? When it comes to your digestion and more importantly your digestive health, it’s safe to say you can have good days and bad days. On the good days everything is moving right along — so to speak — and you are feeling so great that you rarely give.. read more →

Understanding Your Stomach Pain

Understanding Your Stomach Pain You probably know the feeling — almost everyone does. You wake up in the middle of the night with a pain in your side. It’s in your abdomen, down low, and you immediately wonder what it might be. Is this stomach pain serious? At first you aren’t too worried, but as.. read more →

When Your Tummy Ache Is Something More Serious

When Your Tummy Ache Is Something More Serious How can you tell when a tummy ache is serious? It can be a tough call…… Indigestion and heartburn have been mistaken for a heart attack! There has been several examples where people have went to the hospital emergency room with the symptoms of a serious heart.. read more →

What You Need to Know About Flatulence

What You Need to Know About Flatulence You already know it can be one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to you. You might dread going out in public because you’re afraid of when it might erupt. The odour can be offensive. The sound can announce it to all your friends and the people in.. read more →

What is Indigestion?

What is Indigestion? You’ve probably heard the term, but you might not know exactly what it means….. Indigestion is often used as a catch-all phrase, such as “tummy ache” is used to describe a wide variety of symptoms. Therefore people may call a uncomfortable symptom they are having digesting their food indigestion, however this symptom.. read more →