28 Jun 2012

Get Rid of Bloating With These 10 Foods

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Get Rid of Bloating with these 10 foods

Do you have regular issues with stomach bloating? Are you looking for a way to get rid of bloating once and for all?

There are certain foods that can work wonders for those who have trouble with bloating, gas or any of the other digestive issues. The food choice we make normally correlates with our digestive health…… “You are what you eat”

If they aren’t in your diet yet, consider adding these wonder foods:

  1. Water. This calorie-free beverage is vital to every bodily function, including your digestive system. Staying well-hydrated can help you avoid constipation, which is a side-effect of dehydration. Water also helps food move through your body, thus lowering the chances of excessive gas or bloating.
  2. Probiotics. You might have heard about this and simply passed it off as a health-food craze, but the truth is that probiotics are proven to be beneficial. In fact, it can be very helpful for those who have trouble digesting lactose. Probiotics are found in yogurt and kefir, among other items.
  3. Spices. Some spices have been known for centuries to soothe an upset tummy. Ginger is a very common spice that is used in home remedies. Caraway, cumin and fennel are also helpful.
  4. Prunes. These tart little bites are filled with fiber, which can help your digestion. But they also have a very mild natural laxative effect, and that can help keep you regular. The more regular you are, the less chance gas and bloating has a chance to develop.
  5. Gluten-free grains. Though you might not have a problem with celiac disease, studies show that up to 30 percent of the population has trouble digesting gluten. Cutting back on gluten by using grains such as quinoa can mean less bloating and gas.
  6. Fermented foods. Fermentation actually helps us digest foods, while also increasing absorption of other nutrients and minerals. Foods like sourdough bread, pickles, sauerkraut, miso and Japanese tamari are all easy to digest.
  7. Fruits. Getting your daily allowance of fruit can provide you with plenty of fiber, and that keeps things moving right along. Strawberries, bananas and blueberries are great for your health and digestion– however try eating them on there own.
  8. Lean meats and fish. These light, flavorful foods can be much gentler on your tummy than that juicy steak. You can also add plenty of spices to them for an added digestive boost. Best of all, these choices are healthy for those who are on almost any diet.
  9. Hot teas. The soothing scent and flavor of a hot tea can help you feel better no matter what ails you, but it’s especially true if you are feeling bloated. There are even teas on the market that are designed to help you with bloating and other stomach ailments.
  10. Veggies. Raw vegetables like leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes and other salad staples are usually great for your body. However, try making them into soups or lightly steam to help take down the bloating.

If you continue to add these types of foods to your diet over a relatively short time you should see improvement in your digestion and your health!  Keep in mind that while some of these foods will be easy for you to incorporate, others may take some getting used to. Take one step at a time and do what you can.

This is just the tip of the grocery list of things that can help you get rid of bloating  — to learn more, take a look at our ebook!

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